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Bookkeeping involves the recording, storing and retrieving of financial transactions for your company.
All businesses has the obligation to keep their records accurate on a monthly basis. Failure to keep your records can lead to Director disqualification and fines, in case of any investigation.  
With our services you can find a tailor made bookkeeping service for your business needs. 
To keep your records in place and accurate we use Xero and Solar Accounts.
- £100/month for regular monthly bookkeeping services for your business
Management Accounts
Management accounting means preparing and providing financial information for managerial decisions.
Be in top of your business.
You may need to know how your business is performing and how much tax you are going to pay on a monthly or quarterly basis. 
We can cover the management accounts for your business on a regular basis and help you take the best business decisions and avoid unwelcomed future surprises. 
- £100/month for creating a monthly management accounts pack for your business
- £200/quarter for creating a quarterly management accounts pack for your business
VAT Return


You have to register for VAT if your turnover exceed the current VAT limit. You will then have submit your VAT return to HMRC on a regular basis. 
We assist you with the whole process, from VAT registration, preparation, submission to de-registration if required. 
The most discussed VAT schemes are:
- accruals scheme
- cash accounting 
- annual accounting 
- flat rate scheme
- TOMS or gross profit scheme
We will help you along the way, no matter which VAT scheme you have to prepare.  
- £30/month for submitting your VAT return on a monthly basis
- £50/quarter for submitting your VAT return on a quarterly basis
MTD - Making Tax Digital
From 1 April 2019 HMRC introduced a new way to submit tax information in a digital format. 
The first businesses to be affected are the vat registered businesses with a taxable turnover above £85,000. 
DCAP can work with your business to make sure you are prepare for Making Tax Digital.
An MTD registration with HMRC is compulsory in order to comply with the new regulation and requirements.
DCAP can help you to register, make sure your bookkeeping data is kept in digital format and to submit your vat return via a digital channel as per HMRC requirement so you can not fall into penalties and investigations.
- £35/month aditional to vat price for submitting your VAT return together with MTD return on a monthly basis
- £105/quarter aditional to vat price for submitting your VAT return together with MTD return on a quarterly basis
ECSL Return
After you register for VAT, if you sell goods and/or services to a VAT-registered customers in another EU country, you must advise HMRC about those sales using the ECSL declaration on a quarterly basis. 
We can keep track of your sales, prepare and submit the ECSL declaration on your behalf. 
- £20/quarter for submitting your ECSL return on a quarterly basis
In addition to the VAT returns and ECSL required by HMRC a supplementary return that shows all EU movements of goods for customs purposes is also required. 
Intrastat return is a regular obligation for businesses who move goods cross-borders in the EU (subject to value thresholds).    
It allows governments and the EU to keep track of the trade between countries for statistical purposes.
It is also used by HMRC as a check on potential VAT fraud.
Like EC Sales Lists, it is separate from the VAT returns, although based on the same data.
- £50/monthly or quarterly submission of your acquisitions and/or sales from a NON EU countries
Just like the name itself, the payroll services we offer ensure that your employees are paid the correct amount. We make sure you pay the correct PAYE tax and NIC.
We enrol your employees own pension fund and keep track of how much contribution should be paid on a regular basis. 
That allows business entrepreneurs to focus on business tasks instead of worrying about how and when individual employees and payroll taxes will be paid.
- £10 per employee per week or month and we will prepare the following on a weekly or monthly basis: 
  • The employees payslips,
  • PAYE & NIC taxes to be paid by the employer 
  • Pension contribution to be paid by the employer 
Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
Under the Construction Industry Scheme ( CIS), contractors deduct money from a subcontractor's payments and pass it to HMRC. The deductions count as advance payments towards the subcontractor's tax and National Insurance.
We make sure that our clients as Contractors deduct from their subcontractors the correct tax percentage. We also provide the correct declaration to HMRC on the tax that has been held from the subcontractors.
We ensure that our clients as subcontractors get registered and get the correct deduction from their invoice. We also make sure that our clients are getting the CIS tax deducted from their due taxes.
Contractor position - £10 per subcontractor and we are going to make sure you are deducting the correct CIS percentage from your subcontractors and tax is paid to HMRC on time
Subcontractor position - £50 / year and we make sure that the CIS deductions in your tax return are going to be included in the tax calculation
Financial Statement (Accounts) 
All limited companies must provide a balance sheet as part of their annual accounts, which are submitted to Companies House and HMRC within 9 months following the financial year end. 
Dormant limited companies still need to submit a balance sheet to Companies House each year, but not a Profit & Loss Account (otherwise known as Income Statement).
We will prepare your company financial statements and submit the same to HMRC and Companies House. 
Corporation Tax ​
In addition to the Financial Statement, limited companies have to prepare and submit the Corporation Tax calculation within 12 months following the financial year end. 
At Summer Budget 2015, the government announced legislation setting the Corporation Tax main rate at 19% for the years starting the 1 April 2017, 2018 and 2019 and at 18% for the year starting 1 April 2020.
We can assist you on your Corporation tax calculation and submission. 
- £700 per year for preparing and submitting in time your Financial Statement to Companies House and Corporation Tax to HMRC  and make sure you avoid any penalties
Confirmation Statement
The Annual Confirmation statement is a new requirement that was introduced on 30th June 2016. It has replaced the annual return (Companies Houseform AR01) but serves exactly the same purpose in a simplified format. Its aim is to verify the details of the Directors, Shareholders and the capital value of the company up to date.
All private limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) registered in the United Kingdom must deliver the confirmation statement to Companies House within 14 days following the end of the financial year, even if the business is dormant.
Failing to do so will result in your Company being automatically dissolved. 
- £50 / year for submitting the confirmation statement to Companies House and make sure your company is active and live.
Individual Tax ​Return
A tax return, also called self assessment, is a form on which the individual:
  • reports details of his/hers taxable income, and any capital gains if appropriate
  • claim tax allowances and tax reliefs
The tax year for individual tax return relates to the period starting 6th April one year to 5th April of the following year.
HMRC uses the information on your tax return to work out your tax bill or work out whether you are due a tax refund.
- From £100 to £400 for preparing and submitting your Tax return to HMRC in time whether you are a Director, Shareholder or Sole Trader / Self Employer
Sole trader Accounts
All sole traders must prepare and keep a year end accounts, which are used to calculate and and claim the correct taxable profit to HMRC 
We will prepare your financial accounts and make sure your correct profit is going to be taxed in the currettax years in your tax return. 
- £400 for preparing your year end accounts to make sure your correct profit is taxed by HMRC in the current tax year
Assistance with HMRC investigation 
There are different reasons and ways of HMRC enquiry;
- full,
- partly
- with reason
- random.
HMRC gets involved in an investigation with cases where it believes there is a high risk of error in the return submitted.
During the investigation, a review of all requested records will be undertaken. 
DCAP Accountancy has several years of experience with HMRC investigations. We can assist you in the preparation of the documents and also during the investigation itself.
- our assistance during HMRC investigations and enquiries starts from £150 per case and it depends on the duration of the work required
Business Consultancy​ and adhoc services
The business consultancy service we offer  100% personalised and tailored to your specific business need(s). 
These topics range from a very simple technical question up to very complex tax plan.
- our professional consultancy with our Chartered Accountant starts from £50 per appointment and varies from case to case 
Should you enrol our services following the consultation, the latter's fees will be deducted from your first bill as a welcome gesture. 
- our adhoc services start from £50 and it varies from business to business
Company Start Up or expansion in London and Kent
DCAP Accountancy can assist you in starting your business in England if you are currently based outside the United the United Kingdom and want to expand your business here.
We can help you with the following services:
  • incorporating the limited company 
  • opening a self employed position  
  • incorporating a partnership  
  • assistance in opening a business bank account
- £150 for a full limited company incorporation, HMRC account for your future taxes and Companies House codes for your future submissions   
- £100 for a successful self employed position with HMRC account for your future taxes
- £150 for a full partnership incorporation, HMRC account for the partnership and its taxes, Companies House code for the future submission.
- £50 for a successful personal position with HMRC for each partner of the partnership incorporated.   
*All the above fees are subject to increase due to the inflation in UK.

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